The Gingerbread man

Over the past couple of weeks we have been reading The Gingerbread Man. In our role play area we have been pretending to be bakers working in a bakery; we used playdough to practise the skills needed to kneed, roll and use cutters. we drew cakes then the baker made them. In the last day of term we made real gingerbread and had a tea-party where we listened to the story and ate out gingerbread. The children especially enjoyed pretending to be the fox at the end of the story and balanced the gingerbread on their noses before gobbling it all up!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

As we were reading Goldilocks and the Three bears we had dry oats in our classroom; the children pretended to make porridge for the bears and acted out the story using our character spoon puppets.

We also worked in small groups to make and taste porridge. We discussed how to stay safe around a hot hob, made sure that we washed our hands and had an apron on before we began. We learnt we need oats and milk (or water) to make porridge. We measured the ingredients and carefully poured them into the pan. We noticed that when the ingredients were cold we could not see the oats, only milk! Once we heated the ingredients we started to see bubbles, the bubbles got faster and faster and then lots of ‘steam’ came from the pan! We identified when the porridge was ‘boiling’ and that we had to wait for it to cook before we ate it, just like the three bears in the story.

We pretended that we were baby bear and used a small bowl and made sure it was ‘just right’ before eating. The children chose from sultanas, honey or chocolate to add to their porridge. We were all very sensible near the hot hob, well done River Severn class! 🙂

Our first week of the Summer term

We are already in our final term, we have lots of exciting learning opportunities planned. Well done all of the River Severn class for returning back to nursery so excited and ready to learn! This week we had a fantastic time singing Easter songs, and marching around our nursery garden for our Easter bonnet parade…

Taking care of our garden

We have also made good use of our new gardening tools to dig and clear weeds from our flowerbeds…


As our topic this half term is ’Growing’, this week the children have been learning all about the life cycle of a chicken. The children have been so excited to watch the chicks hatch, observe the changes of a wet and tired recently hatched chick to a soft and fluffy chick running around after one day. we watched as the chickens drank their water and ate their food to help them grow and be healthy. We have also been engaging in imaginary play with pretend chicks in the classroom too, we have used blocks and baskets to make nests and chicken coops!

Chinese New Year

We enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year this week, we decorated lanterns, practised writing chinese characters, listened and recreated music, took part in a lion dance parade and learnt that this year is the year of the Tiger.

Under the Sea

This half term the children have really enjoyed learning all about animals that live under the sea, we have developed lots of new vocabulary and ways of moving. We have remembered facts about some sea animals: crabs walk side ways, whales are the biggest animal in the world, some animals breathe through blowholes others through gills and many many more!

Developing our gross-motor skills

We make sure to get lots of exercise during outdoor play developing balance, strength and coordination through big movements. When our big muscle groups are strong, this helps us to develop our fine-motor skills…

Developing our fine -motor skills

Our fine-motor skills help to strengthen our hands and fingers and develops our hand-eye coordination ready for writing, we have lots of practice developing these skills through play in nursery…

Let it snow!

What a wonderful surprise we had when the snow fell on our nursery playground! We were so excited go out and have fun. We learnt new vocabulary as we described how the snow felt, we observed what happened as it warmed up and melted in our hands, we listened to the sounds as we walked on the snow, we identified the biggest and smallest footprints and noticed the different marks we left behind as we moved. We especially enjoyed throwing snowballs! ❄️❄️❄️

Winter and Ice

Since the snow fell we brought the learning of winter, snow and ice into our classroom too. We identified what might look and feel different in winter and discussed the warmer clothing that we might like to wear to keep us feeling warm. We also had ice and arctic animals in our small world area to learn about the different animals that live in freezing cold climates. We also used our winter theme to practice counting pom poms onto numbered snowflakes using tweezers. We are getting so good working our fingers and hands and counting up to 10!

We love a rainy day!

As the rain fell we identified puddles forming in our playground, we didn’t want the rain to stop us getting outside and having fun, so we practised putting on our wellies and puddle suits and had a fantastic time jumping and splashing in the rain. We jumped so high, and the puddles were so deep that the rain water still got our feet wet!

Friendship week

For Anti bullying week, we read the book The Rainbow Fish. We talked about how to be a good friend and the things that make a good friend. We played some games and all waited to take our turn. The children did some wonderful sharing of toys and play dough. What fantastic friends we are!


We have started our Brushing Buddies programme and some of us have had a go at cleaning our teeth. Everyone has their own special toothbrush and we had a lot of fun brushing .The children listened well to each instruction and were very sensible with their toothbrush. Well done on your super sparkling smiles River Severn class!

The Lending Library

This week saw the opening of our new lending library. The children were very excited to get their first glimpse inside and to choose a book. At the end of each nursery sessions parents are welcome to use the library and take a book home. Please being your child’s Florence Academy book bag so your child can access the library. Thank you for your support with our library and for your kind donations of books.

Festivals and Celebrations

This half term our theme is ‘Festivals and Celebrations’. We have enjoyed learning about Bonfire Night and Diwali so far. We have been dancing to a wide variety of music in many different ways, popping and fizzing like fireworks in the night sky. In our role play we have been toasting marshmallows over the camp fire. We have been making firework pictures using paint splatters and different tools to make effects.

We learnt that Diwali is a festival of light, so we made diya lamps and explored light and dark in our classroom.

We are nature detectives!

Over the past two weeks we have looked around different environments in school. We went to investigate all the changes Autumn brings. We looked at the different coloured leaves, berries and mushrooms and why we should not touch them. We even found a hedgehog house, we added sticks and leaves to make it nice and cosy!

We were all very excited when we got to carve some pumpkins! We had a go at pulling out the insides and looked at the seeds and fibres that we pulled out. We watched very carefully as an adult safely carved the pumpkins then we put torches inside!

End of term fun!

On the last day of term we had a none uniform day and we raised lots of money for the charity ‘save the children’. We celebrated our first fantastic term with some music and dancing! I’m a Gummy Bear was our favourite song and we all had lots of fun!
Well done River Severn class, we are all so proud of you. 😊